Bracken’s Facebook Page

September 21st, 2014

Cora Wade, pet photographer has been kind enough to take charge of the Bracken’s Facebook page, so please click over to Facebook to see latest photos. Photos will follow.

Here’s a link to her website:

more dogs arriving 11 Aug BUT Please dont phone till wed 13 all need to settle in.

August 9th, 2014

brigettejune14g-terrier-beagle-10-aug-14.jpga title=”desdemonajunebill2july2014-tibeton-10-aug-14.jpgrosie-terr-10-aug-14.jpg<14g-

A Little one put on just before leaving , just in time!

July 2nd, 2014

astrid-30-2014-023.JPGastrid-30-2014-024.JPG George 2 yrs a good little boy wants to please, been in rescue in Ireland for long time NOTHING wrong  with him. A Happy chap.

All Dogs here now.

June 23rd, 2014

astrid-jr-june-2014.jpgJ/R girl just wants love.homed

roma-boy-terrier-june-2014.jpglook at that face, homed


Minnie long haired terrier ,still waiting for a home . loves her toys and a cuddle sweet. All 3 have been homed

some more. Anyone Intrested ? please phone

June 11th, 2014

 thunder-n-blackie-july-2014-002.JPG This G/S is small girl and needs very little training she is a wonderful dog. been spay vac wormed.

labs-july-2014-001.JPG labs-july-2014-004.JPG  these two mum 3 yrs and daughter 1yr both clean mum comes to call pup follows mum . soft lovely dogs both been spay vac wormed. set to go to loving home together.

New Dogs are here now

June 11th, 2014

Setter x Retriever  5/6yrs girl good with dogs and children .Ahh what a face. click on picture. Now Got A Home

thunder-n-blackie-july-2014-007.JPG  thunder-n-blackie-july-2014-002.JPG 

Thunder G S nearly 1 yr old small softy. Still Waiting for a loving home . would not make an outside dog.

These are some of mine much loved.

new-plus-old-11-6-14-232.JPG Just to show how good they can turn out with care. These not for homing .


January 13th, 2014

FIRST let me thank all those who sent Christmas Pictures of their Dogs they all look very happy which makes us all happy to see ! and many thanks to those who sent donations for us to help more dogs , its nice to know some appreciate the work we do .

As some of you know I have had surgery plus a few set backs :(  and been unable to take on any dogs over Christmas.  working on getting some as soon as I can.

Now on that Note!   I need some help now as I can no longer do as much as I did before so is there anyone who can give a few hrs a week morning or afternoon, walking and general maintenance, just need to love dogs and be able. please phone Kim 07971949253 You could help save dogs lives.

poppy-hy-dogs-j-r-millie-12-dec-2013-080.JPG poppy-hy-dogs-j-r-millie-12-dec-2013-077.JPG

This is Milly she is 14 mths old, very sweet & small, friendly lively girl.

found a loving home.

Rehomed with a safe grass garden to run in.

September 9th, 2013

gordon-wolfie-bilbo-july-2013-010.JPGgordon-wolfie-bilbo-july-2013-012.JPG Keelin is an active dog,1yr springer x setter, great with dogs but nervous of people till she feels confident in her surroundings . She loves to cuddle up . she was rejected as a Gun dog. would make a good family pet with older quieter children or only child.

Thanks, Puppy School had a fun day and raised some money for Brackens.

September 8th, 2013

I Hope all my X puppys who past their classes are still doing well as they get bigger, thanks to the good start they had at Puppy School.

If you wish to take your puppy to school we recommend you try these classes we had a good time as well as puppy did well.

tel No 611679 or 07536106490

Sad News

August 24th, 2013

Our dear Sam who was rehomed at Bembridge has sadly left this world, he was a credit to rescue dogs, gave much love to all he met and thank you so much to his family making his life full of love and games. Hopefully he will be playing together with my boy Prince who past away a few days before. Bless them both always in our hearts xxxx